Friday, March 26, 2010

Soaper gets sweet! Part 2...

Many years ago on a visit to Paris, I discovered the French macaron cookie made by the Laduree Patisserie in the Printemps department store. Love at first sight and love at first bite.  Every time I go to Paris, I stop in for more and I've always wanted to make them. 

On the road to making them, I met Erin Pikor. Once I found out that she makes macaron soap, I knew we'd be friends!  I have one of her lemon créme soaps.  I can't bring myself to use it.  It smells like a lovely lemon cake. It arrived wrapped in beautiful flocked paper.

Next, on the road to making them, Trader Joe's started importing frozen macarons from France.  So good, nice price, low effort!  I don't have a picture of those, we ate them all and I've had to ban myself from buying more.

Finally, on the road to macarons, I met Joyce. Joyce studied pastry at the Cordon Bleu.  Joyce said she'd teach me, and she did.  Joyce is awesome!

Sifted ingredients: 
Chocolate ganache: 
Mixing in egg whites for the chocolate hazelnut cookies: 
Piping out the almond cookies:
Purple egg whites: 
Passionfruit buttercream (I brought the canned passionfruit back from Australia): 
The cookies have a perfect foot:
We await our filling:
Pretty macarons:
Almond cookie with orange buttercream filling:
 Purple hazelnut cookie with ganache filling:

We made 3 kinds of cookies: Almond, chocolate hazelnut, hazelnut dyed purple.
We made 4 kinds of fillings: Chocolate ganache, passionfruit buttercream, orange buttercream, Nutella.

All of them were delicious and they didn't last long.  :)  I can't wait to make more!
Thanks for the fun time, Joyce! 


  1. My mouth is watering!! I could really use a macaron right now!

  2. OMG - the macarons look so yummy! passionfruit buttercreme sounds amazing! I need to take some lessons from you!

  3. funny you should post this just before I head off to Paris... the only macarons I found in Seattle are at Honoré Bakery by Delancey Pizza. They are pretty good, but there was no line out the door like at Laduree so now I'm curious what the difference is.

    And I love the idea of a macaron soap - how very French!

  4. Heidi! Take me with you!!
    The Laduree are a tiny taste of heaven! :)

  5. Those look AMAZING. You are brilliant for making those. They look so yummy and mouth watering.