Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back on the blog...

Well, the blog has been ignored for a while.  But, that doesn't mean Pepo Park has been at rest.
After the hectic holiday craft fair season, I took several naps.  We had a fabulous holiday sales season and even sold out of beer soap at Black Raven Brewing (restocked now...).

Once the naps were over, it was time for state sales tax.  Not fun, but it forced me to get things in order.
Then, stock taking, beer soap making, organizing the "factory" and quite a few Internet sales.

I also bought some new equipment and will unveil it here soon so that you can ooooh and aaaah.  :)

Today was the first fair of 2010.  It was a really fun one in downtown Kirkland at the Lake St. Bar & Grill.  Hosted by I Heart Indie Crafts, it was the first of many for Seattle's Eastside.  The turn out was good, the quality of the crafts was good and the mimosas we're cheap!

All-natural, hand crafted salve, lip balm, and bath salts:
Soaps await new owners:

Through the end of March, we're donating one bar of soap for every $15 you spend on Pepo Park products.  So, place your order today on our site.  The donated soap will be sent to Clean the World, a charity that "gets soap to people who really need it".  Sounds like a good cause to us!  At this time, a majority of the donations are going to Haiti.

Buyers learn about our sudsy offer:

We have plenty of fun stuff coming up, including the annual Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference.
You can read all about it here!


  1. You are so awesome with the soap that you donate! I love your show set up! I love looking at all those neat rows of soap!