Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HMSG - Day 2

The day started with the Annual Meeting of Members. Elections, votes, etc.

At the HSMG, we vote with our spatulas:


Then, great sessions. I only have time to post a few quotable quotations:

"It's asthma. I do not have that piglet thing." -
Linda is a great lady with a tonne (added the "ne" for extra tonage and metric-ness) of knowledge. Linda makes 900 bar batches. I don't think I've ever had that much soap around at one time, let alone in 1 batch! Also, a "PowerPoint shout out" to Linda. She lost her presentation and redid it overnight. I really liked how she presented only images, not slides and slides of words.

"Don't do it, Sweetie. It's going to go rancid." -
Linda (again)
Sage advice to all of us about superfatting given to
Jim, the youngest soaper in attendance.

Finished the day with a nice dinner, spa facials courtesy of
Dead Sea Bulk Materials (smoooooth!) and drinks with Vanessa and Erin.
Erin and Bob:

Good night!

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