Thursday, May 21, 2009

Craft show vending A-Z

Last night, my friend Susan and I met on Capital Hill for the Grassroots Business Association presentation on craft show vending. The presentation was done by Kristen Rask and Moxie, two seasoned craft show-ers.

Kristen and Moxie covered everything (literally, A-Z) starting with applying to shows, preparing for your show through to surviving the show.

In summary:
  • When applying, follow the instructions. Seems "duh", but apparently people are constantly not following instructions. I guess this is good for those of us who do follow directions.
  • Take good photos.
  • If you are not accepted, don't wallow.
  • Practice your display.
  • Don't forget the essentials. There is an exhaustive list here, 160 "must haves". When you see the list, you'll know what you really do need and what you don't need/should ask the venue about.
  • Enjoy yourself while at the show, even if the sales aren't happening.
  • Take time to recover after the show.
There are also tips here, from Etsy.

Kristen and Moxie were great presenters. A lot of fun, funny, and appropriately sarcastic. :)
I'd gladly listen to any advice/presentation they do in the future.
They'll be at Maker Faire in the Bay Area, May 30-31. Check 'em out if you're there. Fun, felty and cute stuff. Also, Lisa from Feto Soap will be there.

Buy handmade!!

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