Monday, June 22, 2009

Pepo Park visits Australia

I've been off line for a few weeks. Shawn and I went on a long overdue vacation to Australia. We haven't been on a real vacation for a while and I haven't been to Australia for 25 years. So, overdue in a few ways.

Anyway, on to the most important topic: Soap!!

I was very pleased to meet two soap makers. Kary of Blossoms In Cream and Shirley of A Slice of Soap.

Kary makes beautiful cold process cake & cupcake soaps as well as regular bar soaps. They all smell great and the cake & cupcake soaps are beautiful. She sells at the
Windsor Craft Market on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month. I bought a cupcake (mouthwatering lime), a slice (looks like a latte but smells like Peru balsam), and 3 regular bars. Kary uses essential oils to scent her soaps like I do. For information, contact Kary at blossoms.cream (at)

The cupcake and slice I bought:
Kary's display of cake and cupcake soaps:Shirley from A Slice of Soap makes beautiful dessert soaps out of melt and pour. My personal favorite was her licorice allsort, despite my strong dislike for the real food. :) They are beautiful and colorful. Shirley has a store in Cremorne and also sells at The Rocks Weekend Market.

Cake. Admit it, you'd like to eat that!
Chocky cupcakes:Licorice allsorts:I don't know what you call these, but if you could eat them, I would. Note the layered hearts on the left. I can taste the strawberries! Pie, jello & cupcakes:
It was a great trip. And, as you can see, great soap!


  1. The licorice soaps are *gorgeous*. Yay!

  2. Wow, I have never seen anything like that! You took some gorgeous pix of some gorgeous subject matter :-)

  3. I'm drooling (and having dessert for breakfast!) The pictures are gorgeous and hats off to the creators of these soapy confections!

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I love all the soap. WOW! So inspiring.